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Amadeus Cho returns in "Incredible Hulk" #106

Amadeus Cho, aka Mastermind Excello, the fan-favorite character created by writer Greg Pak for Marvel's "Amazing Fantasy" #15 anthology comic, returns to glossy page glory in "Incredible Hulk" #106, the opening salvo of the summer comics event "World War Hulk." PopCultureShock has a six page preview of the issue -- and writes that Mastermind Excello "really seems to be the breakout star of the upcoming promoto-vent World War Hulk."

After a group of so-called "heroes" exiled the Hulk to a savage alien planet over a year ago, the Hulk became a slave, a gladiator, a rebel, and finally a conquering king. Now, after suffering an unspeakable tragedy, the Hulk is on his way back to Earth to wreak his vengeance on the puny humans who shot him into space. The main story hits stores on June 13 with "World War Hulk" #1. But "Incredible Hulk" #106 lays the groundwork as Hulk-fan and genius-kid-on-the-run Amadeus Cho tries to round up the heroes who might just be crazy enough to side with the Hulk upon his return.

"Incredible Hulk" #106 has garnered rave reviews, including "Book of the Week" honors from Wizard and Chris's Invincible Super-Blog. And Marvel has announced that the book has sold out at the distributor level. Ask your local retailer to reserve a copy for you before they sell out, too!

Cho's quest to round up allies for the Hulk continues in "Incredible Hulk" #107, which hits comic book stores on June 20 -- preview images from this book can be viewed at And for those who missed Cho's debut, the "Amazing Fantasy" #15 story has been reprinted in "World War Hulk Prologue," in comic book stores now, and will also appear in the "Planet Hulk" hardcover, hitting comic book stores on June 13 (and on sale now at

05.05.07 | Amadeus Cho , Comics , Hulk

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