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"Incredible Hercules" makes about a million "Best of 2009" lists

"Incredible Hercules," written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, continues to rack up appearances on more "Best of 2009" lists from comics bloggers. Here are the latest:

CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2009:

"Incredible Hercules'" continues to be the best superhero comic on the market. The stories are a mix of great elements: action, excitement, pathos, and best of all humor. The characters continue to be fascinating as well. Thanks to this series, Hercules is now one of my favorite characters, and even though he's a god, he's one of the most human of Marvel's heroes. Plus, this year Pak and Van Lente showed that Herc's sidekick, Amadeus Cho, was just as compelling a character as the titular god.

Josh On Comics - Best Character of 2009: Hercules:
Brilliantly funny, and a pleasing tonic to the hordes of more responsible, some would say boring heroes, van Lente's [and Pak's] Hercules manages to be an utter buffon while remaining immensely likeable. His relationship with Amadeus Cho is also very sweet, the two of them are currently one of my favourite pairings in comics.

Comics And More:

The stories are great: battles with Amazons, teaming up with Namora, going on an odyssey with other gods to take down a skrull god...they're just a lot of fun and I really look forward to reading more.

Newsarama Best Shots Best of 2009:

Bronze – The Incredible Hercules (Marvel Comics): One of the very best books Marvel has been responsible for, the continuing tale of a god, his human sidekick, and his child-aged father (who also happens to be the king of the gods). Humor, action and drama are all represented equally in this book, reminding us that not everything in the Marvel Universe has to be doom and gloom and politics. His battle (as Thor) against Thor (as Hercules) is a true highlight of the book. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente deserve credit for not only rehabilitating an at-best second tier character, but making The Incredible Hercules a true must-read title.

Film Fodder's Top Ten Series of 2009:

In short, we have a series that is funny, fun, all within continuity, and it still manages to make itself relevant to meta-events like Dark Reign. All that, and I didn’t even talk about Amadeus Cho, one of the best new characters in Marvel to date.


Marvel has a gold mine In the Incredible Hercules with its humor and the buddy dynamic of Amadeus Cho

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