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War Machine
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A Marvel Comics series written by Greg Pak
"And all of these characters, be they male or female, are strong, intelligent, and very, very good at their jobs. When the women are in danger, they’re saved due to the efforts of a mixed-gender team – as are the men. And if some non-white characters have shady criminal histories, they’re balanced out by those with impeccable records. These characters defy stereotypes and pigeonholing, and though their cultural backgrounds have obviously had an impact on their lives, as we see specifically in flashbacks to Rhodey’s childhood, their race isn’t their sole defining feature. ... it’s a very well-written book even beyond its casting successes, and I encourage anyone with even a passing interest to give it a try."
-- Jennifer Smith, Fantastic Fangirls

"Throw in the Ultimo Virus, Norman Osborn and a knock-down-drag-out fight with Ares the God of War, and you've got yourself a gritty, action-packed, viscera-soaked solo arc that War Machine has deserved since the '90s."
-- Wizard Magazine

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10.22.08"War Machine" 8 page preview story now viewable for FREE at!
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10.03.08WizardWorld interviews Greg Pak about War Machine interviews Greg Pak about Skaar, War Machine, Magneto, and Hercules
07.27.08Wizard and IGN interview Greg Pak about "War Machine"
07.25.08Pak and Rosemann talk "War Machine"
07.25.08Marvel announces "War Machine" ongoing written by Greg Pak
2010.05.14 - 05.15 - Greg Pak to attend Glyph Awards, East Coast Black Age of Comics Con '10
2010.02.10 - "War Machine: Dark Reign" trade paperback
2009.12.15 - Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente at Comic Book Club in NYC
2009.12.09 - "War Machine" #12
2009.10.28 - "War Machine" #10
2009.10.21 - "War Machine: Iron Heart" paperback
2009.09.16 - "War Machine" #9
2009.09.16 - "War Machine" #9
2009.08.05 - "War Machine" #8
2009.07.15 - "War Machine: Iron Heart" hardcover
ComicAttack loves "War Machine" #12
"War Machine" #12, the final issue of Greg Pak's series, has nabbed a rave review from Here's an excerpt:Pak has been impressive this entire series and brought War Machine to another level in my opinion. His interpretation of Rhodes... gives "War Machine: Iron Heart" the thumbs up likes "War Machine: Iron Heart," written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco. Here's an excerpt:While the terms of the Middle Eastern occupation in this story differ from the real world, Pak subtly compares his fictional tale with...
Comic Book Club LOVES "Incredible Hulk" #605 and "War Machine" #12
The Comic Book Club's Alex Zalben has posted a rave review of "Incredible Hulk" #605, written by Greg Pak with art by Ariel Olivetti and Paul Pelletier. Here's the blurb:I’m going to pretend that Greg Pak coming back on this...
Comic Book Resources likes "War Machine" #8
"War Machine" #8, written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco, has scored a nice review from Comic Book Resources. An excerpt:If you remember the "West Coast Avengers" series from years gone by, then Greg Pak has a special...
Wizard Magazine loves "War Machine: Iron Heart"
"War Machine: Iron Heart," the collection of the first five issues of Greg Pak's "War Machine" series, has garnered kudos from Jason Knize in Wizard Magazine. Here's an excerpt:Throw in the Ultimo Virus, Norman Osborn and a knock-down-drag-out fight with...
Pendragon's Post plugs "War Machine" #6
An excerpt:Overall a great read. This book makes you think, while maintaining the expected excitement and thrills of the super hero genre. The book also uses my preferred form of comic book art: striking the ideal balance between beautiful craft...
IGN likes "War Machine" #6
Kevin Fuller has written a glowing review of "War Machine" #6 for IGN. Here's an excerpt:... this is a fun series that definitely qualifies as one of the best new titles to come out of Secret Invasion/Dark Reign. Instead of...
CBR likes "War Machine" #5
Timothy Callahan has reviewed "War Machine" #5 for Comic Book Resources. Here's an excerpt:Manco is a fascinating choice for this type of comic, because he can pull off the sensitive character moments and the big, ultra-violent action sequences, but he...
Comixtreme loves "War Machine" #5
An excerpt:This was a very intense and very satisfying conclusion to the first story arc. Greg Pak really has Rhodey down and the flash backs he has been giving up during the story have been a really nice touch to...
IGN likes "War Machine" #5
An excerpt:If the teaser on the last page is any indication, War Machine will be fun action-packed read that just may have an impact on the larger Marvel Universe.Click here to read the whole thing. "War Machine" #5, written by...
IGN likes "War Machine" #4
IGN has posted a review of "War Machine" #4, which hit comic book stores on Wednesday. Here's an excerpt:I'll hand it to Pak. It's tough to see Ares plastered on the cover and not assume his presence is merely of...
Wizard loves "War Machine" #3
Andy Serwin has posted a rave review of "War Machine" #3 at Here's an excerpt:My favorite new ongoing Marvel series continues to impress. Greg Pak's tech-heavy thriller keeps the action pumping faster and more furious than rounds from a...
Wizard digs "War Machine" #2
Kevin Mahadeo has reviewed "War Machine" #2 for Here's an excerpt:While the title does a fantastic job of telling a compelling story that incorporates real-world concerns, it truly succeeds through the use of simple, fan-fulfilling moments of sheer awesome–such...
CBR digs "War Machine" #2
Doug Zawisza reviews "War Machine" #2 for Comic Book Resources. Here's an excerpt:Pak does a very good job of putting this series over the top. This issue is 100% war theatrics and high ordnance explosions, laced with some very tricky...
TFAW loves "War Machine" #1
The bloggers at have posted a review of Marvel's "Dark Reign" books and have some special words for "War Machine" #1, written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco. Here's an excerpt:War Machine #1 is nothing short of... likes "War Machine" #1
Tonya Crawford has posted a review of "War Machine" #1 at The kicker:The lines between man and machine, hero and monster, justice and murder can be entertaining and interesting to explore under a talented pen and Pak certainly has...
Newsarama likes "War Machine" #1
From the Brendan McGuirk Best Shots mini-review:My favorite memories of War Machine are from the Benson/ Kaminski and Gabriel Gecko 1994 series, where Rhodey basically became the defense branch of a small nation, so I thought War Machine #1 was...

The twelve issue "War Machine" series written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco, Allan Jefferson, Wellinton Alves, Mahmud Asrar, and R.B. Silva, has nabbed the coveted Maximum Force Award from Here's an excerpt:

The triple-twists of plot and cat-and-mouse motivations of the characters ranked with the best suspense/spy stuff ever done, and the way that humanity and the heroes, if not winning, get a way to live and even make the most of another day was immensely satisfying and utterly unsentimental. A milestone of story that gets to make its point and toughness that works to show its substance.
Click here to read the whole thing.

"War Machine," written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco, has been nominated for three Glyph Comics Awards, including Story of the Year, Best Writer, and Fan Award for Best Comic. The winners will be announced in May in Philadelphia at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Con 2010.

Click here to view all of the nominees.

And click here to vote for "War Machine" in the Fan Favorite category!

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